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​Arya Samaj Sri Hargobindpur Sahib holds its weekly Haven and Satsang every Sunday from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM followed by Rishi Langer. Please share your family celebrations and occasions with other members of the Arya Samaj pariwar.
We will be honored to have your family as Yajmans.

For bookings and other related information please contact:
Sh. Om Parkash Ohri +91 94173 02646
Registered Priests of Arya Samaj Sabha Sri Hargobindpur Sahib
Pandit Naresh Kumar Sangam – +91 78372 39658
Arya Samaj Sabha Sri Hargobindpur Sahib

Everyone is welcome to bring Prashad (Fruits, etc) to our weekly Sunday Prayer. Call the Arya Samaj Sabha +91 94173 02646 for more details or to set up your own time for community or
personal events:

Weekly Haven and Satsang

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